How do I get to Homecoming 2017?

  • Take Transit: For more information and to plan your trip, please visit translink.bc.ca
  • Ride your Bike: For more information about cycling to and at UBC, click here.
  • Complimentary Shuttles: Shuttle service will be available for our guests at Homecoming.  Please check back regularly for updates to our shuttle routes and service.
  • Drive and Park: There are several parkades available, with pay parking options (more information on options and rates here). Our closest parkades to activities at Homecoming include:
    • Thunderbird Parkade
    • Health Sciences Parkade
    • North Parkade

Where can I eat at Homecoming?

There will be an Alumni & Friends BBQ and Beer Garden held near the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre with something for all dietary preferences from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm.

As well, the Street Festival that will take place at Thunderbird Stadium for the UBC Football Game will offer many food options, including some of UBC’s food trucks and other vendors from 3:00 pm –5:00 pm.

How do we get around campus to all the attractions / events going on?

There will be complimentary shuttles running all day, scheduled on convenient routes and times to coincide with the events happening on campus. Check out the map & schedule you will pick up at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre on Homecoming day.

What hashtags can I use to talk about the event on Social Media?

Use the hashtags #ubchomecoming and #WeAreOneUBC and be sure to tag @alumniUBC and @UBCTBirds!

Alumni Activities

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance or can I register on-site?

While it is not necessary to purchase tickets in advance to any of the events, it is highly recommended you do to avoid disappointment and line ups. Tickets sold on-site will be subject to availability. Buy tickets here.

What time can I purchase tickets on site?

At the Robert H Lee Alumni Centre (RHLAC):

9:30 am – 4:30 pm

For purchase (if not sold out): Attractions Passes (complimentary), Welcome Home Party, MVP & alumni UBC Experience, Football Game Tickets*

*Football Game Tickets only available at RHLAC from 9:30am – 2:30pm

At Thunderbird Stadium:

3:00 PM – End of 3rd Quarter

For purchase (if not sold out): alumni UBC Experience*, Football Game Tickets*, Thunderbirds gear!

*alumni UBC Experience and Football Game tickets only on sale at the Stadium until the 3rd quarter (if not sold out).

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Online: Visa, Master Card, AMEX.

On-site: Visa, Master Card, AMEX, cash.

Are there any dress codes for any of the events taking place?

Dress in your blue and gold, Thunderbird attire for the football game and other activities.

Dress in the style of your favourite decade for the Welcome Home Party at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Where should I check-in for the day for Alumni Activities?

Come to the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre to pick up your complimentary Attractions Pass & Passport, map & schedule, and check out the BBQ to grab a bite to eat. The Alumni Centre will be open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Why do I need to come to the Alumni Centre to get my complimentary Attractions Pass?

We want to ensure that all alumni are welcomed and get all the information they need for the day. The physical pass is picked up here and allows the staff at each of the attractions to easily note that you are provided complimentary admission for the day.

Who can participate at Alumni Day at Homecoming?

Anyone! The information will be communicated to alumni, staff, faculty and their guests. Feel free to tell and bring your friends.

How can kids participate at Alumni Day at Homecoming?

The complementary Attractions Pass and accompanying passport are a fun way for kids to be engaged during the day. Don’t forget to check out the bbq with your entire family midday between seeing all the attractions.

The Street Party and the Football game are a hub of excitement for the evening with the street party starting at 3:00 pm and the game will be underway by 5:00 pm!

Are the attractions open on Sunday and does my pass work?

Yes, select attractions are open on Sunday; please check the times. However, the complimentary Homecoming attractions pass will only work on Saturday, September 16th.

Does the Attractions Pass give me access to an Attraction’s tours?

Yes, any regularly complimentary tour at each of the given attractions will also be offered to those holding Attractions Passes on Homecoming Day. Consult your map & schedule for more details.

What is the MVP Thunderbird Reception?

A pre-game reception for donors, alumni, and UBC Senior Administration, with special recognition for the 1997 Vanier Cup Championship team. It will take place at Life Sciences Center from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm, after which guests have the option to take the shuttle or walk over to the Stadium for the Homecoming football game. Each guest will be provided an access badge that will give them access to the pre-reception and premium seating at the stadium. Their game tickets will be given to them when they pick up their access badge.

Please note: This event is by invite or for those who have bought an enhanced game ticket that includes access to the MVP Thunderbird Reception.

What is the alumni UBC Experience?

All alumni and their guests are invited to purchase tickets for the alumni UBC Experience at the UBC Thunderbirds vs University of Saskatchewan Huskies football game, which includes an access badge, swag, private entry gate, private restrooms, private and upgraded concession and drink stands and premium seating. alumni UBC Experience tickets can be purchased here.

Will the student residences be open this day?

Residences are generally closed on weekends. Please check with Student Housing at 604.822.2812.

What is the Student Trek?

The Student Trek marches across campus and picks up students as they head towards the stadium for the football game this is only open to current students.

Where can I find out more information about the A-Card?

Pick up your free A-Card (available to UBC alumni) at the Welcome Centre in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre or learn more online at alumni.ubc.ca.

How can I volunteer for the day?

See above the Volunteer button or send an email to homecoming.info@ubc.ca expressing your interest in volunteering for the event.

Homecoming Football Game

How can I get tickets to the Homecoming Football Game?

The UBC Thunderbirds highly recommend that all fans purchase their tickets in-advance of the game to receive a discount AND to avoid any box office lines at the game!

Tickets go on-sale on June 15th, 2017 and can be purchased in-advance online or through the mobile app at www.ticketmaster.ca. For repeat-fans, Ticketmaster is also your one-stop shop for Football Seasons Passes! alumni UBC Experiences game ticket packages can be purchased here.

For those unable to purchase in-advance online, tickets are available at Thunderbird Stadium starting 2-hours before kick-off. Purchase at the Stadium is subject to availability. The UBC Thunderbirds are equipped to accept payment via VISA, Mastercard, Debit and Cash.

How are accessibility needs accommodated at the Homecoming Football Game?

Thunderbird Stadium is equipped to manage accessible needs of all kinds – we just ask that you let us know by emailing us at homecoming.info@ubc.ca.

Are there assigned seats at Thunderbird Stadium?

Thunderbird Stadium is a general admission, mixed-seating venue! Fans have the opportunity to sit in the benched stands or on the grassy berm but all areas are first-come first-served. If you plan to sit on the berm, we recommend that you bring along a blanket!

Interested in getting up-close-and-personal? The UBC Thunderbirds are fully-supportive of our fans that want to get close to the action. Feel free to get as close to the field as the fence-line allows…however please refrain from taking to the field during the game…unless you’re interested in suiting up for the ‘Birds!

Where do I park near Thunderbird Stadium?

To bring you the best party possible, the UBC Thunderbirds take over the parking lot for Homecoming thus parking at the Stadium is NOT PERMITTED on September 16th, but fear not, we’ve got options!

For those fans driving in, we suggest you park at Thunderbird Parkade, located at 6085 Thunderbird Blvd. Thunderbird Parkade is a short 7-minute walk to the Stadium. For those with mobility concerns, UBC is happy to offer a shuttle service that will pick fans up from the Parkade and drop them off at the Stadium! Shuttle pick-up can be found in front of the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre.

If I’m not driving, how do I get to the game?

For fans using other forms of transportation – whether by bike, bus, foot, helicopter, boat etc. – we would advise that you consult www.maps.ubc.ca for routing to Thunderbird Stadium (6288 Stadium Rd).

Thunderbird Stadium has limited bicycle parking so while we love transport by pedal, we would recommend you lock-up elsewhere and walk to the venue.

For fans traveling by helicopter or boat, please let us know – you sound cool.

Am I allowed to tailgate?

Standard BC liquor-licensing applies to all UBC Thunderbird events so while we cannot condone open alcohol, we do encourage the tailgating spirit. There are plenty of places near Thunderbird Stadium that are conducive to a good old-fashioned tailgating experience – if these interest you, ask us for details – homecoming.info@ubc.ca.

What is the outside food / drink policy?

UBC Athletics and the UBC Thunderbirds have a strict, no outside food / drink policy. All outside food / drink (except for sealed water bottles) will be confiscated at the point of entry.

UBC Food Services and Scholars Catering offers a wide variety of food options at the game so we hope you’ll find something to enjoy when you spend time with us!

What can I eat when I am at the game?

UBC Food Services has an outstanding fleet of Food Trucks, BBQ and concession services that set-up at every UBC Football game. Some of our favourites include:

HUNGRY NOMAD: UBC’s original food truck, serving hearty lunch fare like Pulled Pork Sliders, a Reuben Sandwich with housemade brisket, authentic Montreal-style poutine, and a Fraser Valley Mushroom Soup.

IT’S ABOUT THAI: Pad Thai, cashew salad, and fresh coconut curries. Vegetarian options available!

SCHOOL OF FISH: Find our food truck and dive right in! We have 100% Ocean Wise™ certified seafood entrées like fish tacos, beer battered fish and chips, and grilled Sockeye salmon. Our truck is made of chalkboard so you can write messages while you wait. Cool!

THE DOG HOUSE: We’ve taken the classic hot dog to a new level. Vegan Banh Mi dog, anyone? How about the Wreck Beach or Thunder Dog? If you’re in the mood for DIY, order a naked dog and create your own culinary experience with our awesome array of condiments.

Am I allowed to bring kids to the game?

Yes, of course – in fact, we encourage it! The UBC Thunderbirds pride themselves on creating a family-friendly spectator experience with something for everyone!

In addition to special youth pricing, we also offer a Family Pass rate at $40 per game – this pass is good for 2 Adults and 2-3 Youth.

UBC alumni also have access to special “future alumni” pricing for their children: Future alumni (6-18 years old) – $10, and kids five and under – Free. These tickets can be purchased here.

I’m not able to make it out to the game, how can I support the team?

While we would rather have you at the game, we understand that you can’t make it. To keep on-top of what’s happening, follow us on our social channels (links at the bottom of this page) and stream the game at your own at-home Homecoming party!

Live stream can be found at www.gothunderbirds.ca.

Am I allowed to leave the Stadium and come back later?

UBC Athletics and the UBC Thunderbirds have a strict no re-entry policy. This policy is in place to protect you, the spectator, so we ask that you do your best to respect it at the game.

If you desperately need to run back to your car, or leave the venue for some reason, please flag down a member of the Varsity Events Team who will be able to assist you.

I lost something at the game, where can I find it?

Losing your prized possessions is one of the worst feelings, but fear not, we’ve got you covered! Lost & Found is logged and available for pick-up at our Guest Services station at the game.

If you realize you’ve lost something after you’re already gone, let us know! Tweet us or email us at homecoming.info@ubc.ca and we’ll do our best to locate your lost item. Please note that UBC Athletics is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods on-venue.

What do I do if I need assistance during the game?

Here at UBC Athletics, we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our staff and we know that they are the biggest resource for our fans – they’re also just really awesome people.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns while attending any of our events, feel free to flag down any Varsity Events Staff in a yellow polo or blue jacket for assistance. If they themselves cannot help you, they will find someone who can!

I’m excited about the game, but I know NOTHING about football, what do I do?

The UBC Thunderbirds boasts one of the most diverse fan-bases in the world and thus we maintain that knowledge of the sport is NOT a pre-requisite for fun! We offer event experiences that cater to everyone, from the die-hard Football fan to the casual botanist interested in the foliage at Thunderbird Stadium.

In short, you do not need to know anything about Football! If you’re interested in the rules, check out the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gumZEVzE7I4.

Am I allowed to bring my pet to the game?

UBC Athletics venues prohibit animals of any kind with the exception of service animals. While Thunderbird Stadium appears to be ‘outside’, for the purposes of our licensing, the fence line designates what we consider to be our solid walls. So, although we love pets and will likely want to pet them, we just can’t have them inside the venue.

Can I smoke at the game?

UBC Athletics and the UBC Thunderbirds boast smoke-free environments and prohibit smoking of any substance (including e-cigarettes). We would encourage fans wishing to smoke to save it until after the game as our no re-entry policy restricts the ability of fans to leave the venue and return.

Fans seen smoking on-venue may be asked to vacate the premises permanently, without refund.

Anything else I need to know?

More questions? Visit www.gothunderbirds.ca/faninfo for our full A-Z Fan Information. For any Homecoming inquiries, please email homecoming.info@ubc.ca.